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A variety of Facial Treatments can be chosen


European Facial
Once your skin has been examined, a customized deep cleansing with hot towels is used to prepare the skin for exfoliation removing all debris and dead skin cells. If necessary, extractions are done at the time to open the clogged pores. The face, neck, décolleté and arms are then gently massaged to stimulate and tone the muscles. Finally, a mask is applied, prescribed specifically for your type of skin, to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Deep Pore Cleansing
To rid the skin of surface impurities improve the level of hydration and restore balance. A visibly brighter complexion is revealed.

Derma New Skin
Our esthetician will examine the skin. Debris and dead skin cells will be removed. The treatment is excellent for reducing epidermal scarring and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. All skin types benefit from the rejuvenating treatment.

Glycolic Acid Facial Peel
This treatment designed to even skin tone, decrease fine lines, wrinkles and acne scar, improves the overall appearance of your skin.

Sun Damage/Capillary Redness Facial
Sun damage is the major cause of skin aging and capillary redness. This treatment is specially formulated to soothe and deeply moisturize sun damaged skin, increasing microcirculation and reducing capillary redness.

Sensi Peel
This treatment is designed to promote the rapid exfoliation and sluggish skin cells, or uneven skin pigmentation. Pure medical grade acid is followed with a cooling compress and a soothing, re-hydrating mask.

Back Facial
The skin on your back will be carefully examined, followed by a personalized cleansing using hot towels and specially selected products to prepare for exfoliation. If necessary, extractions will be done to relieve clogged pores. A relaxing back massage tones the muscles and prepares the skin for hydration. This treatment combines the benefit of hydration with the luxury of a back massage.

Treatment for the Eyes
Smoothes and softens the delicate skin around your eyes as it helps decrease puffiness and dark circles.


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