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Body Buff
The skin is gently massaged with loofah and a cleanser to remove dead skin cells. After the skin is wiped clean with hot towels, an ultra rich moisturizer is applied to soften the skin. This treatment is highly recommended before a massage.

Organic Brown Sugar
Organic brown sugar is a heavenly nourishing body scrub designed to exfoliate and polish your skin to reveal soft and silky skin.

Siddha Body Detoxification
Experience this ancient treatment from India that detoxifies and relaxes your entire body. It starts with a dry brushing that invigorates circulation and sloughs away dead cells. Then a Paraffin cream with essential oils is stroked over your body and you are enveloped in a blanket. Once unwrapped, the oils will be gently massaged in leaving your skin softer and smoother than ever.

After Sun Burn Treatment
A treatment to sooth the body from sunburn, with products made from Aloe Vera and fruits. The treatment is especially helpful to normalize the body's skin.



Diamond Micro Derma Brasion
Our Diamond micro peel exfoliation system means great results, no messy crystals and minimum patient down time... It's ideal for reducing early aging lines, age spots, sun damage and acne scarring.

Diamond Derma Brasion is the latest twist on micro-dermabrasion techniques, which revitalize and smooth the skin through controlled polishing and exfoliation of damaged skin, allowing smoother younger looking skin to develop. This treatment works well on age spots, fine lines and small scars.

For the treatment of minor skin irregularities. Thermo-lo is an effective treatment of:

  • Telangiectasia (spider veins)
  • Cholesterol deposits
  • Milia (white spots)
  • Cherry angiomas (red spots)
  • Skin tags
  • Fibromas (fidroids)
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia (enlarged sebaceous glands)
  • Solar lentigines freckles (freckles and age spots)

Thermo-lo is a non-invasive treatment with minimum discomfort. The treatment uses a fine wire probe to transmit radio waves to skin tissue. The skin irregularity is then burned out.

Lymph Drainage
Proper functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to our body's ability to detoxify and regenerate tissues. Lymphatic drainage is a hands-on technique designed to activate and cleanse the human fluid system, and decrease swelling (edemas) of the body.

Reflexology is organized around a system of reflex points on the soles of the feet and palms of the hand that relate or correspond to every major organ, gland, and area of the body. When pressed, these points can help relieve pain in places too sensitive for direct massage.


Beverly Bio Aesthetics is located at the Plaza Resort Bonaire
Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
Phone: + 599 717-8458

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